Hearing Aid Dispensing

Director at CHC

Dr. Hammerschlag is on the board of directors and an active provider to the nonprofit, Center for Hearing and Communication, which has been been providing hearing care since 1904.

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Hearing aids are available in a variety of styles and technologies and include many different features. Most hearing aids today are 100% digital, although the level of sophistication varies according to the presence or absence of these features. The sophistication generally lies in the number of bands or channels, the feedback management, noise suppression, speech enhancement and the design function of the microphones. Dr. Barnett will help you choose the right amplification for your needs based upon many factors, including degree and shape of hearing loss, manual dexterity, visual acuity, lifestyle, and finances.


  • Receiver in the Canal (Open-Ear)
  • Behind the Ear
  • Full-shell In the Ear
  • In the Canal
  • CIC – Completely in the Canal
  • IIC – Invisible in the Canal
  • Lyric Extended Wear – completely invisible
  • BAHA (Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid) and BAHA Softband


  • 100% Digital – Entry level, midlevel and Premium
  • Digitally Programmable
  • Analog
  • Waterproof hearing aids
  • FM Assistive listening devices


Today’s hearing aids have wireless capabilities; they can allow for hands-free Bluetooth connectivity to cell phones, land phones and television sets. An accessory called a "streamer" is needed and may be worn around the neck or clipped to a shirt.

Remote controls may be used to change volume and programs.


  1. Initial 45-minute consultation to discuss what kind of amplification would best meet your needs and desires, including one vs. two instruments, style and size of device, level of technology, designer colors and finances
  2. 1 ½ – 2-hour hearing aid programming, evaluation and fitting of the device(s)
  3. Counseling re: wear, care, cleaning, insertion and removal of the instruments.
  4. Discussion of warranties
  5. Follow-up appointments for fine tuning and fitting modifications, as needed
  6. 45-day trial period under NYS law

Note: Pediatric hearing aid fittings are performed in accordance with age-appropriate methodologies for testing and fitting babies and children.

Practice Announcement

Dr. Paul Hammerschlag has retired after a long and distinguished career. His friend and colleague, Dr. Darius Kohan, Associate Professor at NYU School of Medicine and Director of Otology/Neurotology at Lenox Hill Hospital and MEETH, will continue to manage his practice and provide continued care for his patients. Please contact his office at 1-212-472-1300 to schedule an appointment.

Please read Dr. Hammerschlags' full retirement and practice transfer announcement here.

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