Endolymphatic Sac Tumor

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Dr. Hammerschlag is on the board of directors and an active provider to the nonprofit, Center for Hearing and Communication, which has been been providing hearing care since 1904.

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Endolymphatic sac tumors are rare tumors that can result in the destruction of the ear and involvement of close by neurological structures. Symptoms can include facial weakness and numbness, loss of hearing and dizziness or loss of balance. Because of the aggressive nature of these tumors removal through surgery and post-operative radiation is usually recommended.

Many Endolymphatic sac tumors are benign (non-cancerous), but can show up on MRI or CAT scans and appear like acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannomas) or meningiomas. Some symptoms associated with Endolymphatic sac tumors include

  • loss of hearing
  • balance problems
  • vertigo or dizziness
  • ear noises

The above symptoms can also seen in other disease processes such as Meniere’s disease, inner ear infections (labyrinthitis, syphilis), semicircular canal dehiscence, cholesteatoma, head trauma, etc. If you experience these symptoms, contact Dr. Hammerschlag’s office to schedule an evaluation.

Practice Announcement

Dr. Paul Hammerschlag has retired after a long and distinguished career. His friend and colleague, Dr. Darius Kohan, Associate Professor at NYU School of Medicine and Director of Otology/Neurotology at Lenox Hill Hospital and MEETH, will continue to manage his practice and provide continued care for his patients. Please contact his office at 1-212-472-1300 to schedule an appointment.

Please read Dr. Hammerschlags' full retirement and practice transfer announcement here.

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