Your Care After Tympanostomy (PE) Tube Insertion

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Dr. Hammerschlag is on the board of directors and an active provider to the nonprofit, Center for Hearing and Communication, which has been been providing hearing care since 1904.

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Following your surgery


  1. If a cotton plug or wick was placed in the outer ear, please remove it upon return home.
  2. Do not put cotton in the outer ear canal after the wick is removed.
    1. ** Remember the function of the tube is to allow air into the middle ear and keeping cotton into the outer ear canal would defeat the purpose of having them.
  3. Avoid water in the ears. (Most tubes require that water be kept out of the ears). Postoperatively, it is important that no water enter the ear canal as it may pass through the tube and into the middle ear and cause an infection. This is accomplished by the use of Vaseline-impregnated cotton or plastic plugs placed in the ear when bathing. The ear canal should not be cleaned except by the physician and if drainage from the ear occurs, it should be promptly reported to the doctor. Such drainage may suggest a middle ear infection, which should be evaluated for possible antibiotic treatment with topical eardrops.
    1. **Remember to use silicone earplugs when washing hair, swimming, etc.
    2. Custom ear molds can be made in our office, just let us know!!
  4. All children and adults should have a postoperative hearing test, usually at two weeks after surgery.
  5. Your doctor should examine your child’s ears every four months to monitor the position of the tympanostomy tubes. After tympanostomy tube extrusion, annual hearing tests should be performed until normal auditory function is confirmed.

If you have any questions, please call our office; we’ll be happy to help.

Practice Announcement

Dr. Paul Hammerschlag has retired after a long and distinguished career. His friend and colleague, Dr. Darius Kohan, Associate Professor at NYU School of Medicine and Director of Otology/Neurotology at Lenox Hill Hospital and MEETH, will continue to manage his practice and provide continued care for his patients. Please contact his office at 1-212-472-1300 to schedule an appointment.

Please read Dr. Hammerschlags' full retirement and practice transfer announcement here.

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